boss or leader

Are you a leader or a boss?

There are many titles to describe each person in the workplace. So many have “manager” in the title but I fear the majority are a boss not a manager and for sure not a leader. I hear a call of “that’s a bit harsh” but lets look at it.

How many people are trained as managers?

There are course for project managers, sales manager, operations manager, development managers; but they are just technicians or their skill and trade who have earned the right to have the responsibility of greater technical oversight of others of their trade. Many of these people, and I have observed many, are just a boss. They direct, they micro manage, they just get hungry to climb to the next rung of the corporate ladder. More junior management positions hold the title often of team leader rather than a manager.

A leader, or a manager in the most positive sense, will inspire, coach, mentor and have other follow them in the direction the team needs to achieve in. A boss can end up being more like a bully.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a good technician and have the responsibility of a team. It can be rewarding and challenging. There is a lot wrong in being a bully.

Can you train a leader to be a manager?

Leaders are natural. They have an innate skill of looking after people and people will just go with them. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily a good manager or even boss, but they can be a great influencer. A leader can be enhanced through training to be a manager and better leader.

When you become a manager, just listen to your team, make your decision, coach them through the activity and reward with praise. Help people to step up and grow, don’t push them down and ride on their shoulders. Have them lift you to their shoulders when they are proud to so. Invert the pyramid. With the boss below the people in his team supporting them.

So study the image and determine if you are a boss or a leader! Once you’ve made your decision go and get the help you need to realise your decision.