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Enough Already!

Has anyone else had enough hearing about Donald Trump. It would seem he’s divisive, unpopular in some circles and a total saviour in others. He’s certainly outspoken, controversial and wanting to shake up the status quo. It’s also clear he has little or no respect for common decency particularly towards some of the comments he’s…

CloudHQ great for easy syncing

Like most users I have a range of cloud storage accounts and services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Evernote etc etc. 

What’s difficult is to backup or sync the contents of these accounts as you you would anything stored on your own hard disks on your laptop/desktop/tablet. 

I went looking for a tool that would allow…

boss or leader

Are you a leader or a boss?

There are many titles to describe each person in the workplace. So many have “manager” in the title but I fear the majority are a boss not a manager and for sure not a leader. I hear a call of “that’s a bit harsh” but lets look at it.

How many people are trained as managers?


Origin III 2013

State of Origin – Does sport resemble life?

What is it about ball control NSW doesn’t get? Courtesy of

Is playing rugby league such a big event? Will it get to the importance of the nefarious Melbourne Cup, it’s almost there. There’s a…