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Making observations of the world around me

World Around is my series of rants and ramblings about things upsetting or inspiring – to share the good and bad with humour, integrity, emotion and honesty.

Some may totally disagree with me and that’s okay – leave your comments.

Wishing everyone “love and light” – Tim

Rotating Banner – Drupal 7

This maybe a slighly unusal post for some of my readers but I wanted to put this solution out there for anyone else who is suffering with what is a potentially great module for Drupal 7 called rotating-banner. The problem is the file in the projects directory needs to be patched. With forum help for…

iPad 3

iPad for Business – Part 2


This post has caused quite a discussion on LinkedIn. Why not see what people are saying…

The announcement…

iPad for Business

There’s a lot of hype about the iPad. Great marketing from Apple about its latest wonderful hardware creation. A technological marvel for sure BUT is it useful for business professionals?

To get an understanding both of the tool and its capabilities, I had to get one, which I did after a lot of research on the…