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Identity Theft

Identity Theft – Is there enough protection?

The cost of Identity Theft has grown to over a $1.6Bn per annum, just in Australia alone. Worldwide that figure is probably around $20Bn. A staggering amount of money, which generally comes from credit card fraud. Who pays for the fraud, a mix of the customer and the organisation if the customer can prove it…

boss or leader

Are you a leader or a boss?

There are many titles to describe each person in the workplace. So many have “manager” in the title but I fear the majority are a boss not a manager and for sure not a leader. I hear a call of “that’s a bit harsh” but lets look at it.

How many people are trained as managers?


the martian

The Martian

The movie made from the book “The Martian” starring Matt Damon is being released October 2015.

It was a great book to read and I am looking forward to seeing it captured as a movie. The levels of loneliness and despair shown by the book character, his resourcefulness, intelligence and skills will be a difficult thing…

Is there Community in business?

Large cities and their business communities around the world are renowned for being cold, fast, power and money hungry. Be it London, New York, Singapore or Sydney, they are all pretty much laser focused on the needs of the individual. It’s reflected in business everyday, the attitude of “screw you” is prevalent, rather than a…