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the martian

The Martian

The movie made from the book “The Martian” starring Matt Damon is being released October 2015.

It was a great book to read and I am looking forward to seeing it captured as a movie. The levels of loneliness and despair shown by the book character, his resourcefulness, intelligence and skills will be a difficult thing…

Spring Floods in Serbia

Our thoughts go to friends and family in Serbia and other nearby countries where after the winter snow thaw have suffered significant flooding in many area.

Like many natural disasters there is significant support needed by all affected by Government, corporations and individuals alike. A speedy repair to all the affected areas is needed to get…

Even More Effective Short Linking Strategy

In a recent article on short linking I spoke about how you can use Pretty Link, a WordPress blog plugin, to effectively be a or other commercial short link service which YOU control.

The creator of Pretty Link, Blair Williams, has recently posted an article on how to make short linking even more…

When Did You Last Take Action?

For any activity or project to be successful there’s one key ingredient – ACTION. While to make it useful it has to be the right action(s) otherwise any action step is meaningless. One of the best Internet Marketers James Schramko makes this point in a recent article.

So whether it’s organising a party, the…