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Festive Seasons Greetings

It’s the middle of the festive season once more and it marks another year of activity and achievement. The year behind us is just that – behind. Let’s learn all the good things…

Ever Publish Something With A Wrong Or Broken Link?

Don’t make this mistake again!

Never put a link into an electronic document that isn’t accurate or correctly formatted. It loses you all the benefits of prospective clients and interested readers from finding the information you intended for them. It will cost you sales.

Build it, Test it, Deploy it! RightLinker from The KIX…

Impacts of Climate Change on Business

Some business take the impact of climate change into their culture and others don’t.

If you had the choice between buying from a company that did embrace the change and was doing something about versus a company doing nothing, would that impact your buying decision?

I had a poll…

Australian Honoured by Finnish Government

Innovation Summit leads to Knighthood

At the recent official Finnish Independence…