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Is There A Right Strategy?

Do you have a strategy, for your business, for your technology that supports your business?

Lots of businesses do not have any strategy at all, or they get 'sold' something that sounds good only to find out that it really doesn't suit their needs.


Your Own Short Link Service

Want to know how you can have your own short link service like, tr.IM or tinyurl, built in to your own WordPress posted website? I have spoken before about the importance of links to help build your online business presence.

If you have a WordPress site then read on to find out about the power…

12 Traffic Conversion Tips

If visitors to your website don’t stay and read what you have to say or offer, is that useful? You can spend money on advertising to get them there but if they don't stay then you are just wasting your money and time.

Twitter Traffic – Is It Important?

How can I use Twitter for my business? What makes it special? There's so much written about the use of twitter already but "what does it all mean?".

Twitter offers a completely different method of communication. ;It mixes social networking with instant messaging. ;Posts…