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Identity Theft

Identity Theft – Is there enough protection?

The cost of Identity Theft has grown to over a $1.6Bn per annum, just in Australia alone. Worldwide that figure is probably around $20Bn. A staggering amount of money, which generally comes from credit card fraud. Who pays for the fraud, a mix of the customer and the organisation if the customer can prove it…

Amazing iMazing

iMazing is Amazing

What makes iMazing so amazing?

I will get to the answer but first some background.

The continual progress for technology is relentless. None more so in consumer electronics and even more in the personal device space and it’s fusion with telecommunications. Every year Apple like so many other companies releases a new version of their flagship…

Drupal for Web Apps

What’s the right approach in building a web application that’s capable of working in your desktop, laptop or mobile? It’s the $64,000 question for any business wanting a professional solution reflecting what it believes it’s customers want to know about it.

How do you get a balanced solution?

Careful planning for the content, the process flows, functionality…

Migrating Drupal’s database or separating content and configuration!

As many people know, Drupal 7's database is a combination of content and configuration information. Migrating a site from Dev to Staging to Production isn't the easiest process. 

I found this great article discussing what each of the tables are and are they configuration or content. There are some great tools developed to assist in…