Enough Already!

Has anyone else had enough hearing about Donald Trump. It would seem he’s divisive, unpopular in some circles and a total saviour in others. He’s certainly outspoken, controversial and wanting to shake up the status quo. It’s also clear he has little or no respect for common decency particularly towards some of the comments he’s made about women.

Remember he has been elected. It’s time to stop bemoaning the fact he has and get on with the democratically elected representative and let him make his mistakes and successes as all the leaders of the USA have prior to him. Don’t like him then vote him out, but he is in.

Protest all you want!

Sidebar: why isn’t Madonna up on charges for her rather “unfortunate” comments, as would any other person who made such ridiculous statements and threats in public.

In a democratic country it’s your right to complain and protest. I do ask the question of the protesters though: did you all vote? If you didn’t then put up with who was elected as you gave up your right to complain because you didn’t vote.

History will be the judge of the man elected. I think there are a lot of surprises in store for everyone.