Australian Politics

Politics in Australia

There’s a federal election coming in September 2013 (or whenever it’s politically expedient). Three year terms for a government is maybe too short but that’s a different discussion. What I want to rant on here is…”Why is there no real choice in politics in Australia”.

For those from other countries who may read this post, the Australian politic system is dominated by 2 main parties, Labor (the supposed left) and Liberals (the supposed right or conservative). While there are numerous other parties they are too small to be effective to change this duopoly.

So the electorate (in Australia voting is compulsory and you get fined if you don’t vote) is starved of real choice and so we get politicians who protect their seats rather than actually improving the circumstances for the country. No statesmanship or leadership. Just dirty politics and sniping at each other. If one side says yes the other will say no. You don’t need a policy to either govern or be in opposition it seems.

When will more people wake up and have their voice heard and realise what we have now is pathetic.