Hyperlinking made easy

When you make your hyperlink text which of these statements ring true?

  • write a link into you document only to find out later it doesn’t work
  • want to write a link from your document and it takes you longer to find how to do it than write the document
  • expect the link you put into you blog post is going to give you some link love – but doesn’t because it’s WRONG

Now you are able to check your links – on the fly. Have the search engines love you – BUT – even more important have your readers love – by being able to get to what you are directing them to read.

  • Links That Work – First Time
  • Correctly Formatted Code
  • Increase Your Link Love
  • Insert Both Text And Image Links (Ver 1.3)

It’s a simple tool. It just does what it’s designed to do. Without fuss and bother. The non-coders or not so technically savvy are often confused about what they have to write to have their text link correctly formatted to go back to a home page or from their article to a reference source. Even for Internet Marketers in a hurry, here’s a way to link to your money page and verify it works without having to put the code live on your site. Don’t waste traffic!

Get Your F-R-E-E RightLinker NOW!

This tool works as described. Let me know if there are errors and they will be corrected. If your friends or colleagues would like a copy – great – send them here to RightLinker (as updates are published they can also be notified).