Origin III 2013

State of Origin – Does sport resemble life?

Origin III 2013

What is it about ball control NSW doesn’t get? Courtesy of news.com.au

Is playing rugby league such a big event? Will it get to the importance of the nefarious Melbourne Cup, it’s almost there. There’s a lot of passion and emotion spent on Origin, declaring your allegiance can hurt, just as Ch9’s Karl Stefanovic. Is support for this game on state boundaries indicative of the rivalry between the states?

For me its a bit of fun I can take or leave. If I was given tickets I would go but I wouldn’t buy them (without some very special other reason) generally.

I think what many forget who follow the game it closely is that it is a game, not life and death. To be frank I think that’s the difference between NSW and QLD. QLD’ers are very passionate about the game, the team and the result. I think those in NSW are a little more chill’d about the outcome.

A close game tonight – even if the streaker did manage to get 1/2 way across the oval before being caught…good on him…what a winner.

Enjoy your sport, cheer for your team, just remember it’s a game.