Amazing iMazing

iMazing is Amazing

What makes iMazing so amazing?

I will get to the answer but first some background.

The continual progress for technology is relentless. None more so in consumer electronics and even more in the personal device space and it’s fusion with telecommunications. Every year [or there abouts] Apple like so many other companies releases a new version of their flagship iPhone and a plethora of other great technology. The same cycle is repeated whether it’s Samsung, Huawei or Google.

Most of us struggle to keep up with the technology releases as they aren’t cheap and they are frequent. When we do decide to “update” our phones the big question is can I move my data across from the old to new device. The answer usually is, YES – Maybe!

itunes panel 

We should just plug in our old device into our computer, open iTunes and do a backup of the old device. Once done, plug in the new device, restore the fresh backup and just like magic it works. What to do when this doesn’t work quite like it’s supposed to?

After numerous attempts and multiple reboots I went looking for answers. Using Google to track down solutions all I really found was unhelpful information and others with the same issue. So next step was to call Apple Support. Very friendly and professional people but again no real help and the system error message were totally unhelpful.

backup failed

Almost by accident I had downloaded an app, iMazing, which I thought to try. Well as lucky would have it I had found a tool that solved the first problem. Getting a clean backup from my existing phone which was a problem for iTunes was now done. It was slow though but I didn’t care, at least it was done.

The iMazing app has an option to transfer one phone to another device. Now based on my successful backup, I connected my new phone via lightening cable and told it to transfer. Again it was a slow process, about 6 hours for 128 Gb, but I didn’t care. It was done! The only cost was time and I don’t know if the speed was a function of my MacBookPro’s CPU, the speed of access or writing information via cable or some other function I am unaware of but it was completed. My new phone was done and ready for use.

Thank you!