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Identity Theft

Identity Theft – Is there enough protection?

The cost of Identity Theft has grown to over a $1.6Bn per annum, just in Australia alone. Worldwide that figure is probably around $20Bn. A staggering amount of money, which generally comes from credit card fraud. Who pays for the fraud, a mix of the customer and the organisation if the customer can prove it…

boss or leader

Are you a leader or a boss?

There are many titles to describe each person in the workplace. So many have “manager” in the title but I fear the majority are a boss not a manager and for sure not a leader. I hear a call of “that’s a bit harsh” but lets look at it.

How many people are trained as managers?


Drupal for Web Apps

What’s the right approach in building a web application that’s capable of working in your desktop, laptop or mobile? It’s the $64,000 question for any business wanting a professional solution reflecting what it believes it’s customers want to know about it.

How do you get a balanced solution?

Careful planning for the content, the process flows, functionality…

Even More Effective Short Linking Strategy

In a recent article on short linking I spoke about how you can use Pretty Link, a WordPress blog plugin, to effectively be a or other commercial short link service which YOU control.

The creator of Pretty Link, Blair Williams, has recently posted an article on how to make short linking even more…