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Amazing iMazing

iMazing is Amazing

What makes iMazing so amazing?

I will get to the answer but first some background.

The continual progress for technology is relentless. None more so in consumer electronics and even more in the personal device space and it’s fusion with telecommunications. Every year Apple like so many other companies releases a new version of their flagship…

Enough Already!

Has anyone else had enough hearing about Donald Trump. It would seem he’s divisive, unpopular in some circles and a total saviour in others. He’s certainly outspoken, controversial and wanting to shake up the status quo. It’s also clear he has little or no respect for common decency particularly towards some of the comments he’s…

Australian Politics

Politics in Australia

There’s a federal election coming in September 2013 (or whenever it’s politically expedient). Three year terms for a government is maybe too short but that’s a different discussion. What I want to rant on here is…”Why is there no real choice in politics in Australia”.

For those from other countries who may read this post, the…