When Did You Last Take Action?

For any activity or project to be successful there’s one key ingredient – ACTION. While to make it useful it has to be the right action(s) otherwise any action step is meaningless. One of the best Internet Marketers James Schramko makes this point in a recent article.

So whether it’s organising a party, the deployment of a new process or technology, the development of an internet strategy, they all rely on a series of tasks. The tasks form the basis of you and your team taking ACTION.

Action Method

Action Method

There’s nothing new in all this, everyone knows it. It’s whether we do anything about it is the biggest different. There are a lot of project management tools and methods available. From the simple todo list all the way through to the big guns, like Catalyst, Prince2 etc. There are lots of complex tools to aid and support the project also, probably the most popular is Microsoft’s Project. At KIX we’ve utilised all these methods over the years but found them too heavy for many projects. We’ve tested many and found most fall short. Until we came across Action Method from Behance. There’s more to be found on the what and how of Action Method on our site. Feel free to have a look.

It wont be for everyone, but it will be useful potentially for some people and organisations.

We wanted just to share this with you to help get you into the 2010 spirit of doing.

Take Action Now!